Certificate in Swahili

Course Description

The Department adopts interdisciplinary approach to teaching and research in the subjects concerning Africa. The main focus of the academic programmes of the Department is the training of scholars for the Ph.D. degree in African Studies of the University of Delhi. 60 scholars of the Department have since been awarded Ph.D. From 1977 the Department introduced M.Phil. Course designed to provide an integrated and inter-disciplinary course on Africa. 251 scholars have since been awarded M.Phil. Degree in African Studies.

The Department also offers a one-year Certificate Course and one-year Diploma Course in Swahili Language

Type of Degree (Diploma/Degree) : Certificate
Type of Course : Post Graduate
Duration of Course : One year course
Venue For Teaching : Department of African Studies, Faculty of Arts, University of Delhi,
Delhi-110 007.

Parent Department : Department of African Studies
Parent Faculty : Faculty of SOCIAL SCIENCES


Subject Syllabus

Paper-1 (100 Marks) Three Hours Duration i. Translation of passages in English from specified and unspecified Swahili texts (30 Marks)

ii. A passage for comprehension and question on it or a composition (20 Marks)

iii. Questions on grammar (20 Marks)

iv. Translation from unseen passage and sentences in English into Swahili (30 Marks)

Part-II (100 Marks) Oral Examination i. Conversation (30 Marks)

ii. Reading of a Swahili passage from the prescribed text (30 Marks)

iii. Question on history of the Swahili language and Culture (to be answered in English) (40 Marks)

Scheme of Grading:

Admission Eligibility

Candidates seeking admission to Certificate course must have passed the Senior School Certificate examination held after 12 years or any examination recognised as equivalent thereto.

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