M.Phil. in African Studies

Course Description :

The duration of the M.Phil. Course for full time students is one academic year. The minimum qualification for admission to the M.Phil. Course is good academic record with first or high second class Master’s Degree or an equivalent degree of a foreign university in one of the subjects in social sciences. High second class means at least 55% marks or equivalent grade in the subject. Students shall be required to attend lectures and participate in seminars arranged in the Department during the academic session. The percentage of lectures to be attended shall not be less than 2/3 of the total lectures delivered separately. There shall be two parts of the M.Phil. Course Part-I shall consist of the following papers besides a written examination to be held for these papers in March/April every year.

Type of Degree (Diploma/Degree) : Degree
Type of Course : Research
Duration of Course : One year course
Venue For Teaching Department of African Studies, Faculty of Arts, University of Delhi, Delhi-110 007.

Parent Department : Department of African Studies
Parent Faculty : Faculty of SOCIAL SCIENCES

Subjects : Paper-I Research 75 Marks Term Papers and Methodology Book Reviews/Tutorials (100 Marks) (25 Marks) Paper-II Paper on Social 75 Marks 25 Marks Science discipline in which the candidate has earned the Master’s Degree (100 Marks) Part-III Paper on Economic 75 Marks 25 Marks Development/ Politics History/Sociology & Geography of Africa. The Student has to opt for one out of the five. This paper should be other than his/her discipline. (100 Marks) No student shall be allowed to appear in any paper of the examination more than twice and a student must clear the M.Phil. within three years of initial registration for the M.Phil. Course. Each student will be required to prepare one term paper (20 Marks) and one book review (05 Marks) in Research Methodology, the main paper, and three Tutorials in the optional paper (25 Marks). After passing the Part-I examination, a student shall be required to write a dissertation for Part-II on a subject approved by the M.Phil. Committee. The dissertation may include results of original research or a fresh interpretation of facts or data. The evaluation of Part-I and Part-II will be done in accordance with the rules as laid down in the Ordinance. A candidate who secure atleast 50% marks in the examination and dissertation separately shall be recommended by the M.Phil. Committee of the Department for the award of the Degree of M.Phil. A candidate who obtains 75% marks or more in respect of course and dissertation shall be declared to have passed the M.Phil. with distinction. A candidate who obtains 75% marks (under terms of Clause 9) in all courses of the Part-I examination may be allowed to proceed to the Ph.D. programme without being required to take Part-II,provided that a student, who has been allowed to proceed to Ph.D. Programme, shall have the option to return to the M.Phil. Course at a later stage. However, such a student shall be required to clear M.Phil. Course.

Subject Syllabus : (I) Research Methodology This course is intended to familiarise students with different methods and techniques of research and analysis which have been developed in the field of social sciences and which can be fruitfully utilised in research on subjects relating to Africa.

I. Nature and Problems of Social Science Research : Theory Construction; Scientific Nature of Social Research; Scope and Limitations of the Scientific Method; Perspectives on Social Research; Methodological Terms and Concepts; Inductive and Deductive.

II. Approaches to Methods of Analysis : Structural-Functional Approach; General System Approach; Historical Approach; Descriptive Approach; Analytical Approach; Comparative Approach; Case Study; Designing a Research Scheme.

III. Techniques of Data Collection : Definition and Nature of Data; Types of Data : Primary : Survey and Field Research Aggregate, Documents, Auto-biographies, Records, etc.; Secondary : Biographies, Political Writing : Newspapers; Questionnaires; Interviews; Documentation and Preparing Bibliographies; Use of the Library; Simulation and Gaming.

IV. Organization and Analysis of Data : Coding; Content Analysis; Frequency Count; Establishment of Relationship between Variables; Casual Modelling; Statistical Method of Analysis; Importance of Quantative Research; Modes of Explanation.

V. Presenting the Results of Research Report Writing; Thesis Writing; Paper Writing; The Nature of ‘Introduction’ and ‘Conclusion’.

Readings Albecht Welmer, Critical Theory of Society, Seabury Press, New York, 1971. Edward C. Banifield, Political Influence, Free Press, N.Y., 1967 Eugene, J. Meehan, The Foundations of Political Analysis : Empirical and Normative, Dorsey Press, Homewood, ILL. 1971. George R. Allen, Graduate Students Guide to Thesis and Dissertation : A Practical Manual for Writing and Research, Jossey-Press, San Francisco, 1974. Herbrt H. Hyman, Survey Design and Analysis, Free Press, New York, 1965. James C. Charls-Worth, Ed., Contemporary Political Analysis, Free Press, New York, 1967. Lazarsfeld and K. Katz, Language of Social Research : A Reader in the Methodology of Social research, Free Press, New York, 1965. Martha L. Manheimer Style Mannual, A Guide for the Preparation of Reports and Dissertation, Daknar, New York, 1978. Norman Birnahaun, Towards a Critical Sociology, Fair Lawn, N.J., Oxford University Press, 1971. Oran R. Young, Systems of Political Science, Prentice-Hall, Englewood Cliffs, N.J., 1968. Parsons, Theses and Project Work : A Guide to Research and Writing, Allen and Unwin, London, 1973. Robert A. Merton, Social Theory and Social Structure, Free Press, New York, 1968. Thomas A. Sprangens. The Dilemma of Contemporary Political Theory : Towards a Post-Behavioural Science of Politics, Dunnelan Pub. Co., Washington, N.Y., 1973. Vernon Van Dyke, Political Science : A Philosophical Analysis, Stanford University Press, Standford, 1966.

Swahili Language (For M.Phil. Course) 1. Translation of passage and/or sentences in English into Swahili. (30 Marks) 2. Translation of passage and/or Sentences in Swahili into English (30 Marks) 3. Questions on Applied Grammar (10 Marks) 4. Internal Assessment on the basis of class work (30 Marks) Total : (100 Marks)

Readings : Johnson, F., English-Swahili Dictionary Johnson, F., Swahili-English Dictionary Steere Edward, Swahili Exercises Virmani K.K., Swahili Learn and Speak in Forty Days.

(2) Politics of Africa 1. Theortical Perspectives : Approaches to the Study of Politics of Africa; 2. Historical Perspectives : Pre-Colonial Political Systems in Africa; 3. Colonial Legacy : Administrative, Political, Economic and Cultural Legacies; 4. Rise and Growth of African Nationalism and Transfer of Power. 5. Political systems in post-independent Africa : One-Party System : Military Rule; Personal Rule : Democracies. 6. Movement for Multi-Party Democracy in Africa in the Post-Cold War Era. 7. Human Rights and Refugee Problems in Africa. 8. Conflicts and Militarism in Africa. 9. The Political Economy of Regional Co-operation and Intergration in Africa. 10. Africa in World Politics : Africa and the World Economy, IMF, WTO, World Bank and Africa, Africa and Globalisation, Africa and the New Wrold Order, India and Africa.

Readings Adedeji, Adebayo, Africa Within the World, Beyond Dispossion and Dependence, London, Zed Press, 1993. Ake, Claude, Political Economy of Africa, London, Longman, 1984. Brewer, John D., Restructuring South Africa, London, MacMillan, 1994. Brown, Michael, Barrat, Africa’s Choices Thirty Years of World Bank; Penguin Books, 1995 Carter, Gwendolen M and O’Meara, Patric, African Independence : The First Twenty Five Years, Indiana University Press, 1985. Cervenka, Z., “The Unfinished Quest for Unity : Africa and the OAU”, London, 1977. Chabal, Patrik, Power in Africa : An Essay in Political Interpretation, New York, St. Martin Press, 1994. Cohen, D. L. and David, John (eds)., Political Economy of Africa : Selected Readings : London, 1981. Davidson, Basil, Africa in Modern History, Penguin, 1978. Davidson, Basil, The Blackman’s Burden : Africa and the Curse of the Nation-State, London, Times Books, 1992. Dieppen, Maria V. (ed.) The National Question in South Africa, London, Zed Press, 1988. Diamond, Larry, Linz J.J. & Lipset S.M. (Eds.) Democracy in Developing Countries, Boulder, Col., Lynne Rienner 1988. Europa Publications, Africa South of the Sahara, London, 2000. Fanon, Frantz; The Wretched of the Earth, Penguin Bookd, 1969/1976. Gromyko, A., Africa : Progress, Problems and Prospects, Moscow, Progress Publications, 1981. Gupta, Anirudha, Politics in Africa, New Delhi, Vikas, 1988. Gupta, Vijay, Independent Namibia Problems and Prospects, New Delhi, Konarak, 1990. Gutkind, Peter C.W. and I. Wallerstein, The Political Economy of Contemporary Africa, London, Sage, 1976. Hodder – Williams, Richard, Introduction to the Politics of Tropical Africa, London, Allen and Unwin, 1988. Keller, Edmond J. and Rothchild, Donald (eds) Africa in the International Order, Boulder, Lynne Rienner Publishers, 1996. Legum, Colin, et al, Africa in the 1980s, Council on Foreign Relations Publication, New York, 1981. Mathews, K., Foreign Policy of Tanzania 1961-1981, A Reader : TPH, Dar Es Salaam, 1981. Mazrui, Ali, the African Condition, London, 1980. Mazrui, Ali, and Tidy, Michael, Nationalism and New States in Africa, London, Heineman, 1984. Mazrui, Ali, The Africans : A Tripple Heritage, London, BBC Publication, 1986. Mazrui, Ali A; (ed) Africa Since 1935, Paris, UNESCO, Oxford Univ. Press 1993. (Unesco Gevneral History Series-Vol. VIII.) Mazzeo D., African Regional Organisations, Cambridge University Press, 1984. Mc Carthy, Stephewn, Africa : The Challenge of Transformation, London, I-B, Turis Co. Publishers 1994. Mutiso, Gideon-Cyrus M. and Rohio S.W. (eds.), Readings in African Political Thought, London, 1984. Nkrumah, Kwame, Africa Must Unite, London, Panaf Books, 1963. Nkrumah, Kwame, New-colonialism, London, Panaf Books, 1965. Nkrumah Kwame, Consciencism : Philosophy and Ideology of Decolonization, London, Panai Books, 1974. Onwuka, R.I and Shaw, T.M; Africa in Word Politics London, MaeMilla, 1989. Palmberg, Mai (eds), The Struggle for Africa, London, Zed Books, 1982. Rohney, Walter, How Europe Underdeveloped Africa, Dar-es-Salaam, Tanzania Publishing House, 1974. Roger, Owen and Bob Sutcliffe (eds.), Studies in the Theory of Imperialism, London, Longman, 1972. Rotberg, Robert, I., Africa in the 1990s and Beyond, World Peace Foundation, Michigan, 1988. Roxborough, lan, Theories of Underdevelopment, London, MacMillan 1979. Rubin, Leslie and Brian Weintein, Introduction to African Politics. Rudebeck,Lars, When Democracy Makes Sense, Akut, UPpsala University, 1992. Siddiqui, Rukshena (ed.), Sub-Saharan Africa in Transition, London, Avebury, 1993. Saxena, S.C., Politics in Africa, New Delhi, Kalinga Publication, 1993. Tordoff, William, Government and Politics in Africa, London, MacMillan, 1984. Vohra N.N. and Mathews K. (eds.) Africa, India and South-South Cooperation, New Delhi, Har Anand Publications, 1997. The World Bank; A Continent in Transition : Sub-Saharan Africa in the Mid-1990s. Washington, D.C. 1996. The World Bank; Can Africa Claim The 21st Century? Washington D.C. 2000. Young, Crawford. “Africa : An Interim Balance Sheet”. Journal of Democracy vol. 7, No. 7, 1996.

Journals to be Consulted 1. Africa Insight. (Pretoria). 2. Africa Quaterly (ICCR; New Delhi). 3. Africa Research Bulletin (Economic & Political Series). 4. Africa Today (ACA, New York). 5. African Affairs (Royal African Society, (London). 6. The African Events (London). 7. African Review (Dar-Es-Salam). 8. African Studies Review (ASA, Michigan State University) 9. Indian Journal of African Studies (Department of African Studies, Delhi University). 10. International Journal of African Historical Studies (Boston University). 11. Issue (African Studies Association, USA). 12. Journal of African History (S.O.A.S., Cambridge) 13. Journal of Democracy (USA). 14. Journal of Development Studies (Frank Cass, London). 15. Journal of Modern African Studies (Cambridge, C.U.P.) 16. Journal of Southern African Studies (London, O.U.P.) 17. Journal of Third World Studies (University of Florida, USA). 18. Keseings Record of World Events, (London). 19. New African (London). 20. Review of African Political Economy (London). 21. Third World Quarterly. (London) 22. West Africa (London). 23. World Focus (New Delhi).

(3) History of Africa 1. Resources of African History. 2. Ancient African Empires; Sub-Saharan Africa to Vienna Congress of (1815); African Political Systems : Power and Society in African States Compared with Modern Times. 3. The Impact of Slavery on Africa : Role of Indians in Slave Trave. 4. Modern Africa from 1850. 5. European Imperialism; Scramble for African Territories. 6. Colonial Policies; Governing Institutions; Direct and Indirect Rule. 7.Underdevelopment in Sub-Saharan Africa, Berlin Confeence (1884) to the Present. 8. The Fight for Independence. 9. A History of Southern Africa : Rise and Fall of Apartheid. 10. Indian Diaspora in Africa; Its Nature and Diversity from Earlier Times to Modern (Colonial) Times.

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(4) Economic Development of Africa Part-I : General 1. Economic Crisis in Africa : Causes, Manifestations and Solutions. 2. Under-development and Dependency Problems of Africa. 3. Food and Agriculture; Manufacturing; Industry, Trade and Debt Crisis. 4. Development Strategies and Economic Planning in Post-independence Period. 5. Structural Adjustment Programme (SAP) and its Impact on Africa and Roles of the IMF and the World Bank. 6. African Alternative for Structural Adjustment Programmes for Socio-Economic Recovery and Transformation (AAFSAP). 7. Regional Economic Groupings, ECOWAS, SADC, PTA, COMESA, Indian Ocean Rim Association, African Economic Community (AEC). 8. Role of Multinational Corporations. 9. Indo-African Economic Relations.

Part-II (Kenya, Nigeria and South Africa) 1. Kenya : Socio-Economic Conditions, Kenyanisation, Development Plans and Economic Reforms. 2. Nigeria : Socio-Economic Conditions, Agriculture vs Industry, Development Plans and Economic Reforms. 3. South Africa : Socio-Economic Conditions, Multinational Corporations, Migratory Labour System, Foreign Trade, External Debt, and Reconstruction and Development Programme.

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(5) Sociology of Africa (Social Structure and Social Change) 1. Basic Characteristics of Societies in Underdeveloped areas 2. Traditional Social Structures of African Societies 3. Impact of the West 4. Dimension of Social Change 5. Awareness of Social Class 6. Growth of New Elite Groups 7. Urban Associations 8. Restructuring of Social Relationship 9. Tribalism and Quest for modernity

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(6) Geography of Africa 1. Physical Features : Location, Shape and Size (a) Relief, Climate, Drainage Systems, Vegetation and Soils. (b) Environment, Ecology, and Problems and Conservation. 2. Demographic Characteristics, Settlement Patterns and Urbanization. 3. Natural Resources and Economic Base (a) Agriculture, Livestock and Forestry (b) Marine Resources (c) Mineral Wealth and Exploitation (d) Industrial Base, and (e) Trade and Commerce 4. Energy Sector, Geographical Distribution of Energy Resource Potential and Production. 5. Transport and Communications Systems and Problems of Landlocked States. 6. Colonial Era : Geographical Factors, Processes and Patterns. 7. Emergent Nation – States and the Political Map of Africa. (a) Birth of Independent States (b) Territorial and Strategic Aspects,and (c) Boundary Problems : A Colonial Legacy. 8. Geographical Regions and Problems of Regionalisation in Africa : Case Study of (a) The Franco phone Equatorial Africa (b) The Sahel Region 9. Geopolitical Determinants of Continuity and Change in Linkage Patterns

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Admission Eligibility : Students to M.Phil. Course are admitted in the beginning of calendar year through interview.

Other Info: Admission to the M.Phil Course in African Studies and Language Courses is made at the beginning of each academic year, i.e. in July. Application for admission should be made only on the prescribed form (attached with this Hand-Book) available from the Department’s Office.

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