M.Phil. in Economics

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Type of Degree (Diploma/Degree) : Degree
Type of Course : Research
Duration of Course : The duration of the M.Phil programme is one year for full-time students and two years for part-time students; full-time teachers of the University of Delhi and constituent colleges holding a substantive post alone are eligible for admission on a part-time basis. A student must complete the M.Phil programme, i.e. clear both Part I and Part II of the course, within three years of the initial registration for the M.Phil full-time programme, and within four years of initial registration for the M.Phil part-time programme

Venue For Teaching : Delhi School of Economics Faculty of Social Sciences University of Delhi Delhi-110 007.

Parent Department : Department of Economics
Parent Faculty : Faculty of SOCIAL SCIENCES

Subjects : The M.Phil programme will consist of two parts – I and II -each having equal weight. Part I will comprise three courses and Part II, a dissertation. The three courses comprising Part I will cover respectively, Topics in Economic Theory (Course 01), Topics in Applied Economics (Course 02), and Data Base and Empirical Models with reference to India (Course 03). In courses 01 and 02, students will be required to make one presentation in each of the two courses at the M.Phil Seminar and this presentation will be assessed and graded. This part of the course requirement will carry 20 marks in each of the two courses. In addition to the seminar presentation, a student will be required to submit a term paper in each of the two courses, 01 and 02. The term papers carry 80 marks each. In course 03 there will be a regular programme of instruction. The examination in this course will be in two parts. Part A will consist of a written test. Part B will consist of a short report by the student presenting the results of a computer-based econometric analysis of an assigned problem. Both Part A and Part B of course 03 will carry 50 marks each.

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