MBA (Part-Time) Health Care Administration

Course Description :

As a pioneer institution in the field of management education, the Faculty of Management Studies recognized the role of trained administrators in the delivery of effective health care services in the country. Thus, an educational programme in Health Care Administration was started in 1970 to impart the knowledge of basic as well as specific areas of management to the professionals responsible for management of health care service. Since then the programme has attained a high degree of relevance to the management of health services in India. The programme and the pedagogical techniques are such as to inculcate a sense of responsibility, develop initiative, analytical ability, effective communication, problem identification and search for valid solutions in different situations arising in health services organizations. The specific objectives of this programme are : (i) to provide management education to medical professionals and alike working in the field of health services administration; (ii) to equip executives concerned with health administration with up-to-date knowledge about management and to develop relevant skills and attitudes; and (iii) to prepare them to apply modern management techniques in managing health care services in the country The intake in this programme is 15 students.

Type of Degree (Diploma/Degree) : Degree
Type of Course : Post Graduate
Duration of Course : Two years part-time course
Venue For Teaching : Department of Management Studies Faculty of Management Studies University of Delhi, Delhi-110 007.

Parent Department : Department of Management Studies
Parent Faculty : Faculty of MANAGEMENT STUDIES

Subjects :
PART I (FIRST YEAR) SEMESTER I Paper H 101 Management Concepts and Organisational Behavior Paper H 102 Demography and Bio-Statistics Paper H 103 Health Economics Paper H 104 History of Health Care Administration SEMESTER II Paper H 105 Health Accounting and Finance Paper H 106 Human Resource Management Paper H 107 Marketing in Health Care Paper H 108 Computers and Management Information Systems PART-II (SECOND YEAR) SEMESTER I Paper H 201 Health Laws and Industrial Relations Paper H 202 Operations Research in Health Care Paper H 203 Production and Materials Management Paper H 204 Hospital Planning SEMESTER II Paper H 205 Health and Society Paper H 206 Hospital Organization and Control-I Paper H 207 Management Research in Health Care Paper H 208 Medical Staff Organization PART-III (THIRD YEAR) SEMESTER I Paper H 301 Organization Development Paper H 302 Epidemiology and Community Health Paper H 303 National Health Plans Paper H 304 Hospital Organization and Control-II Paper H 305 Comparative Health Administration SEMESTER II Paper H 306 Strategic Management in Health Care Systems Paper H 307 Project Work

Admission Eligibility :

(a) Every candidate seeking admission to the course shall have passed a Bachelors? Degree Examination in Medicine of the University of Delhi or an examination recognized as equivalent thereto. (b) He/She should have at least five years? experience in Hospital Administration after acquiring the Bachelors? Degree in Medicine. (c)Five years? experience shall be determined as on 1st August of the year of admission. (d) Candidate must be sponsored by his/her present employer.

Other Info:

The selection will be made on the basis of an interview. Only those candidates who satisfy the eligibility conditions will be called for an interview. The candidates will be required to produce original certificates and mark-sheets at the time of interview. The final list of candidates selected to the program will be announced after conducting all the interviews. FOREIGN STUDENTS The foreign students who are studying or those who have studied in Indian Universities are required to appear for the FMS Admission Test. All other foreign students are required to submit GMAT and TOEFL scores. In addition, they must obtain clearance from the Department of Education, Ministry of Human Resource Development, Government of India, for pursuing the above programmes at Faculty of Management Studies, University of Delhi. RESERVATIONS / RELAXATIONS 1. 15 % of the seats are reserved for Scheduled Caste candidates 2. 7.5% of the seats are reserved for Scheduled Tribe candidates 3. 5% of the seats are reserved for Children/Widows/Wives of the Officers and Men of the Armed Forces including Para-Military personnel killed/disabled in action or those who died/were disabled on duty in the following manner as per University of Delhi guidelines : (i) Children/Widows/ wives of the Officers and Men of the Armed Forces including Para-Military Personnel killed/disabled in action. (ii) Children/Widows/ wives of the Officers and Men of the Armed Forces including Para-Military Personnel killed/disabled on duty. Notes : The applicants belonging to category (ii) above will be considered only when there are seats left from this reserved category after all candidates belonging to catgeory (i) have been considered. In order to become eligible for above concession, children/widows of Officers and Jawans etc. are required to produce Entitlement Card issued by the following : (i) Secretary, Kendriya Sainik Board, Delhi (ii) Secretary, Rajya/Zila Sainik Board (iii) Officer-in-charge, Record Office (iv) First Class Stipendiary Magistrate 4. 10% of the seats are reserved for Foreign Students in MBA(Full-Time) Programme only. These seats are super numeric. 5. Relaxation of 5% marks in the minimum eligibility will also be allowed to categories in SC/ST candidates and for Children/Widows/ Wives of the Officers and Men of the Armed Forces including Para-Military personnel killed/disabled in action or those who died/were disabled on duty and to the candidates with physical disabilities. ADMISSION TEST The admission test for MBA(Full -Time) is held at the following centres. The candidates may opt for any of the following centres: 01-Delhi 02-Ahmedabad 03- Bangalore 04-Bhopal 05-Calcutta 06-Chandigarh 07-Chennai 08-Hyderabad 09-Kanpur 10-Mumbai * However, FMS reserves the right to cancel any of the above centres at its own discretion. The admission test for the MBA (Part – time) programme is separate and held at Delhi only. The admission tests are designed to examine the aptitude of the candidates to pursue the courses in management at FMS. The candidates have to follow the instructions distributed/announced at the examination centre/hall. There is no prescribed syllabus or format for the admission test. The following areas have usually been included in the admission test in the past. QUANTITATIVE ABILITY Questions in this area of the test are designed to examine the quantitative ability of the candidates. The test contains questions on addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, fractions, percentages, interest, work and task, averages, ratios and proportion, profit and loss, roots, arithmetic progression series and geometric progression series, etc. The test also includes simple questions in Algebra and Geometry. VERBAL ABILITY AND LANGUAGE COMPREHENSION The test includes questions which are aimed at testing the verbal ability of the candidate. It includes questions on comprehension, grammar, meanings, idioms and phrases, correct spellings, analogy, etc. ANALYTICAL ABILITY The test is designed to assess the candidate?s ability to deduce inferences from the data presented in tables, graphs, etc. The test also contains questions on analytical reasoning. ENVIRONMENTAL SENSITIVITY The test aims to ascertain the candidates? comprehension of macro and micro environment of business, through questions on environment, economy, business and trade, etc. FEE STRUCTURE The fee for various programmes is payable in lumpsum. The approximate annual fee for the MBA programme is Rs. 11,000. The fee payable at the time of admission is approximately Rs.10,000.

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