Business Law External Correspondence Previous Year Question Paper Year 2006 : IInd Year


Q. 1. ‘(a) “A promise without consideration is void.” Critically examine the statement. 10
(b) State the implied conditions in a contract of sale of goods.
Answer :

Q. 2. (a) Explain to circustances under which the court can order the dissolution of a partnership firm. 10
(b) State the circumstances under which an agent may be held personally liable.
Answer :

Q. 3. (a) “No seller can give the buyer a better title of goods than he himself has.” Explain giving exception to the rule. 10

(b) What do you understand by implied authority of a partner ? Mention the acts which are not covered under the implied authority.
Answer :

Q. 4. (a) What is a negotiable instrument ? What are the special features of a negotiable instrument ? 10
(b) What is the meaning of negotiation ? How is a cheque negotiated under Negotiable Instruments Act ?
Answer :

Q. 5. Explain the meaning of (any two) : 20
(a) Bailment and Pledge;
(b) Quasi Contracts;
(c) Contracts of Indemnity and Guarantee.
Answer :

(Banking Law and Practice)

Q. 6, Define the term ‘banker’ and ‘customer’. Explain general relationship between banker and customer.
Answer :

Q. 7. (a) What is the object of crossing of a cheque ? Explain various types of crossing. 10
(b) Explain cases under which a bank may refuse to honour its customers cheque.
Answer :

Q. 8. (a) What do you understand by endorsement of a cheque ? Discuss various types of endorsement. 10
(b) Distinguish between ‘Holder’ and ‘Holder in due course’.
Answer :

Q. 9. (a) Explain the general principles of lending by a bank. 10
(b) What precautions should a banker take while lending against stock exchange securities ?
Answer :

Q. 10. Explain the following (any two): 20
(a) Minor as a customer of bank
(b) Liability for bouncing of a cheque;
(c) Payment in due course.
Answer :

(Company Law)

Q. 11. (a) Define ‘Private Company’. Mention any seven privileges of a private company. 10
(b) Distinguish between Memorandum and Articles of Association.
Answer :

Q. 12. (a) What are the consequences of mis-statements in a prospects ‘: 10
(b) Explain an irregular allotment. What are its effects ?
Answer :

Q. 13. (a) Explain the legal provisions regarding the Annual General Meeting (AGM) of a company.
(b) What is compulsory winding up of a company ? State various grounds of compulsory winding up.
Answer :

Q. 14. (a) Discuss the powers of directors of the company.
(b) Write a short note on “Pre-incorporation Contract”.
Answer :

Q. 15. Explain the following (any two): 20
(a) Depository system;
(b) Bonus share;
(c) Special resolution with at least three examples.
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