English Stream A Precis, Business Correspondence, Text, etc. External Correspondence Previous Year Question Paper Year 2005 : IInd Year


Q. 1. Explain with reference to the context any/owrof the following: 20
(a) To what end is all this lying, vandalism and misuse ? You are trying to sell; never mind what; never mind How, never mind to whom-just sell, sell, sell!

(b) I inhale the toxin of the tortured air which will imprison my lungs as brass-breasted maidens ride on thick-haired horses, smiling tasteless smiles.

(c) But it’s not easy. Nothing worth while is ! If David had slain a dwarf instead of Goliath, who would have remembered ?

(d) This is the way we go round and round, in circles. The world’s labour finds its rythrnn in metres, Emerging from blank verse, treading softly In the freedom of free verse.

(e) This, then was the truffle he had routed out of the Lrth!
Answer :

Q. 2. Give brief and relevant answers to any three of the following : (100-150 words): 18
(a) What is the message of the poem ‘If You Are True To Your Gift’?
(b) What does C.B. Randall meant by ‘bargaining by exhaustion’ ?
(c) How did the term ‘mass production’ come into use ?
(d) Why does Dale Carnegie regard a ‘No’ response as a handicap?
Answer :

Q. 3. (a) What is the significance of the reference number JS/07/M378 ?


(b) Which qualities of Edward Foreman’s character impress you most and why ?
Answer :


Q. 4. Read the following passage and give brief and relevant answers in your own words to the questions that follow: 10 Our country is blessed with a large variety of natural resources, However resources do not make a country great. We need people, who are educated and skilled, to develop and convert natural re-sources into goods. Thus the people of a country are its greatest resource. After independence, efforts have been made to develop our resources. Progress has been made in agricultural and industrial production. New schools, colleges and hospitals have been opened in every part of the country. This has improved our standard of living. But still about half the people of our country are poor. They do not get enough to eat and live in slums. The main reason for this is the rapid increase of population.

The size of the population has created many problems. There is shortage of water, food, houses, jobs, schools and hospitals. A large number of people are uneducated and unemployed. Three out of four Indians live in villages. Due to lack of work, most of them come to cities. This creates even more problems because they do not always get a regular job in the city. The Government is taking steps to solve these problems. Jobs are being provided for the poor in the villages and cities. Houses and land are also being alloted to them. Even more important is the opening of schools and hospitals. The solution, however lies in educating the people so as to make them understand that a small family is a happy family.

(a) How can population be both an asset and a drawback ?
(b) What are the problems created by a growing population ? How is the government tackling them ?
(c) How can people be made to understand that a small family is a happy family ?
(d) Use the following words in sentences of your own : production, resources.
(e) Provide antonyms: skilled, blessed.
Answer :

Q. 5. Make a precis of the following passage in about 80 words and give it a suitable title : 10

Good communication is the lifeblood of organizations. It takes many forms such as speaking, writing and listening, though its purpose is always to convey a message to recipients. Effective communication hinges on people understanding your meaning, and replying in terms that move the exchange forward-preferably in the direction you would like it to go. Communicating is always a two-way process. In management you communicate to get things done, pass on and obtain information, reach decisions, achieve joint un¬derstanding and develop relationships.

There are always at least two parties involved in communication, each of whom may have different wants, needs and attitudes. These wants and needs can present barriers if they conflict with those of the other party and such barriers may stop you conveying or receiving the right message. Any communication must overcome such barriers if it is to be successful, and the first step is to recognize that they exist. Good communication means saying what you mean and fully comprehending any feedback.

It is essential when communicating a message that you give serious thought to the medium you choose. For many, this choice is between the spoken and the written word. Electronic media have generated even more possibilities by creating a hybrid form of speech and writing. Thus emails have the speed and informality of a phone conversation, yet they are in letter form and can be filed.
Answer :

Q. 6. You are heading an NGO that works with slum chil¬dren. Write a reply to a letter you have received from a private company that has offered help suggesting the various ways in which they can. 10


You are part of a group of students that went on an outstation study tour of historical monuments organized by the college. Write a report giving details of the problems faced along with sugges¬tions to overcome them.
Answer :

Q. 7. (a) Use the following phrases in sentence of your own:
(i) to stick to one’s gun
(ii) bring to the fore
(iii) at one’s wit’s end
(iv) worn out
(v) as a guinea pig.

(b) (i) You must reconsider your decision.
(Change voice)
(ii) Will you be there at time ?
(Correct the sentence)
(iii) The clerk gave me a form……………..fill.
(Use suitable preposition).
(iv) The bed is……………….the table, (beside, besides)
(v) It is………………………cold to go out. (too, very) 5
Answer :

Q. 8. Write an application with your complete bio-data for the post of a marketing executive in a bank. 10


Imagine you are a Police Office interviewing a lady who has just witnessed an armed robbery. Write in about 150 words (direct speech) the conversation that takes place.
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