English Stream B Oral Communication Heading Comprehension and Written English Regular Previous Year Question Paper Year 2006 : IInd Year

Q. 1. Read the passage given below and answer the questions that follow:

Many parents enjoy their children’s infancy and childhood, but find their teenage years a time of conflict.
Parenting today’s teens is more difficult than in previous years because of the far-reaching technological and sociological changes that have occurred.

Parents who were teenagers themselves not very long ago, realise that their children are growing up in a changed world : a world swept by information technology, electronic media, PCs, the cellular phone – the list is endless. A world of scandals and scams, ef increased incomes and rising expenditures. As a result, today’s adolescents need more care and attention, and emphasis on values, than any previous generation of young people. Many of us tend to push ourselves and our teenage child to be perfect. While our intentions may be good, the results are often exactly the opposite of what we have in mind. Many of the situations require a long-term investment of your Jove, encouragement, sharing and the development of the child’s self-esteem.

We erroneously hold that success lies in numbers, grades, performance; and not within our own insight, understanding and intelligence. We have, as Deepak Chopra has eloquently stated, become “prisoners of the known,” limiting ourselves to the status quo and killing our own power of creation our very own power of rationality and the potential success of the child.

(i) What has made parenting difficult in the modern
(ii) Name two significant factors of the modern times,
(in) Why do the adolescents today need more atten-
(iv) What do we expect from our children ? 2
(v) What helps in the development of a child’s self-
(vi) Wherein lies the real success in life? 2
(vii) Increased incomes and rising expenditures are closely linked with scandals and scams. (True/False) 1
(viii) Give the opposite^ of the following words :
rising, encouragement.
Answer :

Q. 2. Make a summary of the above passage in about 90 words.
Answer :

Q. 3. Write a paragraph in about 100 words on the harm¬ful effects of soft drinks.


Write a paragraph in about 100 words on the problems faced by the passengers who travel in Blue-line buses.
Answer :

Q. 4. Write a letter to the Editor of a newspaper highlighting the advantage of metro railways and the need to extend it to all directions in Delhi/New Delhi.


Write a letter to the Chairman. Delhi Jat Board, to stop the How of sewage water into the Yamuna river. Point out some of the health hazards caused by this.
Answer :

Q. 5. Supply suitable answer to the following :
(i) Who has gifted you this beautiful wrist watch?
(ii) When did your brother return from Kolkata?
(iii) Who were you talking to on telephone ?
(iv) Why did you not attend my sister’s wedding?
(v) Will you have tea or coffee ?
Answer :

Q. 6. (a) Write a dialogue on the following situation. You don’t want your friend to waste his time on sports. On the other hand, he thinks that sports arc necessary for health and progress.

(b) Complete the follow ing dialogue:
Nabu : What happened in the student’s Union meeting yesterday ?
Nalini : (i)__________________________
Nabu : Has the Union decided to boycott the House Ex¬aminations ? *
Nalini : (ii)_____________________
Nabu : Will mere protest be enough ?
Nalini : (iii) __________________________
Nabu : Is there any point in making the students suffer on account of protest ?
Nalini : (iv)_________________________
Nabu : Do you think the college authorities should be allowed to punish those who do not sit for the examination ?
Nalini : (v) _________________________
Answer :

Q. 7. Punctuate the following :
rnohan i said suddenly were you ever
married why sohan whatever made you
think of marriage.
Answer :

Q. 8. Fill in the blanks in the given passage with appropriate words:
Teaching is not confined to parents and professional teachers. Wherever there are beginners_____(1)_____, old and young, there is_____(2)_____of learning going on (3)_____some sort
of teaching. In every business and_____(4)_____there are learners and teachers. Indeed we are (5)_____pupils and teach¬ers. Think of your_____(6)_____life as an individual. Much of _____(7) is routine. Some of it is made up_____(8)_____ amusement. Whether you are_____(9)_____trade union official _____(10)_____, a typist, you are learning for yourself and teaching somebody.
Answer :

Q. 9. Rewrite the following according to the instructions given in brackets:
(i) Television in entertaining. Television is educative. (Combine into a simple sentence)

(ii) The teacher corrected all the answer books.
(Change the voice)
(iii) Shyam is taller than all boys in his class.
(Change the degree of comparison)
(iv) The teacher said to me, “Sit down and don’t talk.” (Change into indirect speech)
(v) She asked me what my name was.
(Change into direct speech)
Answer :

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