English Stream B Reading, Comprehension, Writing Skills, Grammar External Correspondence Previous Year Question Paper Year 2006 : IIIrd Year

Q. I. Read the passage and answer the questions given below it:
A certain king was on a voyage in his ship when a great storm arose. One of the slaves on board, who had never been to sea, began to wail and cry out in fear. This went on for some time and no one could silence him.

In anger the king asked, “Is there no one here who can silence this wretched coward ?”

A philosopher, who happened to be a passenger, said. “I think I can quiet this man, Sir if you give me full permission to do as 1 please with him.”

‘Go ahead’, said the king, ‘You have my permission’.

The philosopher called some sailor and ordered them to throw the slave into the sea. This they did. In desperation the poor man screamed with fear and thrashed out wildly with his arms and legs. But in a few seconds the philosopher ordered them to haul him up on board again. Back on deck the slave lay exhausted and frightened, but absolutely silent. The king marvelled at the sudden change in the slave and asked for an explanation.

Said the philosopher: ‘We never realize how well off we are in my situation until we fall into a worse one.”

(i) With whom was the king angry? Why ? 2
(ii) Who came forward to silence the slave ? How did he do it ? 2

(iii) Reorder the following sentences in the sequence in which these occur in this story :
(a) A philosopher came forward to silence the slave.
(b) A king was on a voyage with one of his slaves.
(c) The slave had never been to sea before.
(d) ‘Is there no one who can silence the slave ?’ asked the king.
(e) So he began to cry in fear.
(f) The philosopher ordered the sailors to throw the slave into the sea. 6×2

(iv) Is there any moral in the above passage ? What is it ? 2

(v) Give a suitable title to the above passage. 2
Answer :

Q, 2. Read the extracts and answer the questions given be¬low it:
(a) There are four chairs round the table,
Where we sit down for our tea.
But now we only set palces
For Mum, for Terry and me.
(‘There Are Four Chairs Round
The Table’ – John Foster)

(i) How many membrs of the family set round the table ?
(ii) Which incident has changed the family atmosphere ?
(iii) Which member of the family has been affected the most ?

(b) The next night It came again with a great awakening light,
And showed the names whom love of God had blessed,
And lo : Ben Adhem’s name led all the rest.
(‘Abou Ben Adhem’ : James Henry Leigh Hunt)

(i) Who is’It’? 1
(ii) Why did Ben Adhem’s name lead all the rest ?
(iii) Explain the expression ‘a great awakening light’. Is this expression appropriate ?
Answer :

Q. 3. Read the extracts and answer the questions given below it:
(a) My brother’s sway over me was over. I began to take part freely in the games, my spirits, were running high. If he gave me another sermon, then I’d say straight out, ‘with all your grinding what kind of marks did you set ? Playing and having fun I ended up first in my class’. Although I didn’t have the courage to say anything so outrageous it was plain from my behaviour that my brother’s power over me was gone. He guessed it. His intuituion was sharp.
(“My Big Brother” by Prem Chand)

(i) How did the sway of the brother over the narrator disappear ?
(ii) Why were the spirits of the younger brother running high ?
(iii) Was the speaker’s brother conscious of this change in the narrator ?

(b) “If I were not so extraordinarily good, I should not have been allowed to come into this beautiful park and enjoy all that there is to be seen in it,” she said and her three medals clinked against one another as she walked and helped to remind her how very good she really was.
(“The Story-Teller”-Saki)

Questions :
(i) Name the character being referred to in this passage.
(ii) Who had allowed this person to come into the park?
(iii) Why had she been allowed to come into the park?
Answer :

Q. 4. List the various problems that the narrator had to face in disposing of the prize in the fete in “Engine Trouble”. 15


The story ‘My Big Brother’ describes the attitude of the elder brother towards his younger brother who often neglects his studies and manages to pass the examinations. Write a dialogue (in about 150 words) between you and your elder brother who keeps on advising you about everything.
Answer :

Q. 5. In the poem ‘Barter’ the poet Sara Treasdale says that ‘Life has loveliness to sell’. Comment.


Make a list of the advantages of being old explored by the poet Nissim Ezekiel in ‘At 62′.
Answer :

Q. 6. Write a letter to the Editor of a leading newspaper about the growing sense of insecurity amongst the elderly citizens of your city and suggest certain solutions to the problem.


Write a letter to the Editor of a leading newspaper about the frequent power failures in your area and how it affects the studies of the students during examination time. 10
Answer :
Q. 7. Fill in the blanks with appropriate words :
(a) I make preparations………..(1)…………leave the town in ………..(2)…………couple of days, leaving the engine to its fate, with all its commitments. However, nature came………..(3)…………my res¬cue in………..(4)…………unexpected manner. You may have heard ………..(5)…………the earthquake of that year which destroyed whole towns………..(6)…………North India. There was………..(7)…………re¬verberation of it in our town,………..(8)………….We………..(9)…………thrown out of our beds that night, and doors………..(10)…………win¬dows rattled. 10

(b) Rewrite in indirect narration :
Buyer : Do you have’All out’?
Shopkeeper : Sorry, I didn’t have it today but you can take it tomorrow.
Buyer : Tomorrow ? At what time ?
Shopkeeper : In the evening.
Buyer : But tomorrow is Tuesday. Won’t the shops here be closed on Tuesdays ?
Shopkeeper : No, no! The shops here are closed only on Sundays.
Answer :

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