English Stream C External Correspondence Previous Year Question Paper Year 2006 : IIIrd Year

Q. 1. Read the following passages and answer the questions which follow:
(A) Nearly all the sports practised now-a-days are competitive. You play to win, and the game has little meaning unless you do every thing possible to win. At the village level, where you take sides and no feeling of local patriotism is involved, it is possible to play simply for fun and exercise; but as soon as the question of prestige arises, as soon as you feel that you are your team or country will be disgraced if you lose, the most violent fighting instincts are aroused. Anyone who has played even in a school football match knows this. At the international level, sport is frankly, like Fighting a war. The important thing is not the behaviour of the players but the attitude of the spectators, and, behind the spectators, of the nations who get senselessly excited over these stupid contests. They beieive that running, jumping and kicking a ball are tests of national greatness.

As soon as strong feelings or rivalry are aroused people give up the idea of playing the game according to the rules. They want to see one side on top and the other humiliated, and they forget that victory gained through cheating or through the action of the crowd is meaningless. Even when the spectators do not interfere physically they try to influence the game by cheering their own wide and discouraging opposing players with hooting and insults. Serious sports has nothing to do with fair play. It is connected with hatred, jealousy, boastfulness, disregard of all rules and aq unnatural pleasure in watching violence; in other words it is war minus the shooting.

(i) Write True (T) or Fasle (F) against each of the following statements :
(a) You always play to win.
(b) The most violent fighting instincts are aroused in sports when the question of national prestige arises.
(c) Everying is fair in sport.
(d) Serious sport is like a war.
(e) The crowd alwasy cheers the home team. 5

(ii) Answer the following questions:
(a) Why are all the sports practised these days competitive?
(b) What is the difference between playing at the village level and the national level ?
(c) How do the spectators discourage the rival team?
(d) What does the author mean by the statement ‘Sport is frankly like fighting a war V
(e) What is fair play in your opinion ? 5

(iii) (a) Find the opposites of the following words in the passage.
war, win, disgrace, top. 2
(b) Find two words in para II which mean ‘re¬spect’ and ‘competition’ respectively.
(c) Give the verb of the noun shooting. 1

(B) Growing environmental pollution has led to greater wareness among the masses to safeguard environment.Among the different types of pollution plaguing our cities, only air and water pollution have received adequate attention in the media. Noise pollution which has reached alarming proportions in cities like Delhi, has been ne¬glected. It is because of this apathy that Delhi’s average noise-level of about 100 decibles for exceeds the recommended level of 55-60 decibles. In certain areas, the recorded noise level during the day has been observed to exceed 100 decibles.

Past studies reveal that noise poses a threat to health, causing a number of complications. In a study on the impact of noise on health, it has been established that noise not only hurts the ear drums, it also causes nausea, pain and hypertention. It can even lead to nervous breakdown and ulcers. The potential cost of noise-induced hearing loss to industry is greater than for any occupational disease. Declining productivity among workers in certain industries have been directly co related with noise levels. Workers exposed to higher intensities of noise are often found to be irritated and impatient. Eight hours daily exposure to high levels of noise can cause life long deafness.

With growing environmental awareness, some countries in Europe are beginning to take seriously the problems of noise. In the Netherlands it is illegal to build houses in areas having noise pollution, like main roads or airports. The most popular anti-noise road surface-porous asphalt-cuts traffic noise by upto 5 decibles. Three wheelers and buses playing on the Delhi roads are the noisiest. The citizens must realise the threat posed by loudspeakers on religious and festive occasions. Government must take serious measures to stop any kind of such noise-pollution.

(i) Write True (T) or Fasle (F) against each of the following statements:
(a) Air and water pollution have not received adequate attention in the media.
(b) Noise pollution causes a number of complications to health.
(c) Noise induced hearing loss to industry is greater than any other occupational disease.
(d) Three wheelers and buses in Delhi do not cause much pollution.
(e) Loudspeakers do not create any kind of problem to the public.

(ii) Answer the following question :
(a) What three types of pollution are referred to in para one?
(b) What are the dangers posed by noise pollution?
(c) How is industry losing out on account of noise?
(d) In Netherlands what precaution a ry measures have been taken to avoid noise pollution?
(e) Which vehicles are the noisiest on Delhi roads?

(iii) Complete the following sentences:
(a) Air and water pollution have received…………
(b) Noise pollution has been…………
(c) In certain areas the recorded level of noise pollution has exceeded…………
(d) Some countries in Europe are beginning to take seriously the problem of…………
(e) Citizens must realize the threat posed by loudspeakers on religious and…………
Answer :

Q. 2. (a) Fill in the blanks by choosing suitable words from the list given below. There are two extra words : (gold, mighty, stage, sweet, laugh)
(i) The fruits of labour are………………
(ii) All the world is a………………
(iii) He who conquers himself is………………
(iv) Laugh and the world will………………with you.
(v) Speech is silver, silence is……………… 5

(b) Tick (â– /) the correct meaning of the follow ing words from the list of possible meanings provided in each case :
(i) Cramp means :
(a) street car;
(b) stopped;
(c) painful tightening of the muscles,

(ii) Spike means :
(a)thorn ;
(b) pointed piece of metal;
(c) brush.

(iii) Concept means:
(a) though;
(b) idea

(iv) Processed means :
(a) cooped;

(v) Whirls means :
(a) moves round and round;
(b) moving to and fro;
(c) up and down. 5
Answer :

Q. 3. Rewrite the following dialogue in reported speech :
Shipra : I will not marry, brother !
Rohit: Why ?
Shipra : There is no specific time to get married.
Rohit: You are already ageing.
Shipra : It makes no difference. Marriage is always a second priority for me.
Answer :

Q. 4. (a) Rewrite the following paragraph in the passive voice:

We left the old house. We brought all the household luggage to the new house. We took the help of all servants. After shifting we gave them tips and some househodl items. In the end we gave thanks to all. 5

(b) Write the correct form of the verb given within brackets in each of the following sentences :
Pratibha a decent lady (belong) to a middle class family. She (live) at Connaught Place. She (do) her post graduation ill Economics in 2002. She has (get) many prizes in debates and essay competitions. She never (hurt) anybody. She (sing) and (dance). She always (try) to favour others. She (love) everybody. Everyone (like) her. 5

(c) Complete the following sentences :
(i) If you had come on time……………
(ii) If he had behaved decently……………
(iii) If we have not been obstinate…………… 3

(d) Join the statements in Column ‘A’ with the matching state¬ments in Column ‘B’ using the linking words given in the brack¬ets :

Column A Column B
(i) I love my friend (a) She is very fussy.
(ii) We have a media(b) We have an auditorium.
block (also)
(iii) He is short (c) He walks very fast,
(iv) He is honest (d) Everybody likes him.
(therefore) 2
Answer :

Q. 5. Write a paragraph of about 100 words describing your favourite film star. You may use the following ideas: 15
(i) Who he (she) is ?
(ii) Why he (she) is your favourite star ?
(iii) You have seen all his (her) films,
(iv) His (her) acting abilities,
(v) Awards
Answer :

Q. 6. Describe in 100 words how you would like to celebrate your birthday. You can use some of the points given below :
(i) an idea struck your mind,
(ii) surprise your friends,
(iii) to place order for a cake,
(iv) candles.
(v) song and dance.
(vi) going out with friends.
Answer :

Q. 7. You feel that some books of your choice must be included in the library. Write a letter of request to your Principal for purchase of these books.
Answer :

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