Office Management And Secretarial Practice Regular Previous Year Question Paper Year 2005 : IInd Year


Q. 1. Comment upon the following :
(a) “No organisation worth the name can exist without an efficient office.”
(b) The cost of installation and maintenance of artificial light is rather high than that of natural light.
(c) “Forms are the basic tools of all office work.”
(d) “A common reason of friction within an organisation is faulty communication,”
(e) Use of office machines tends to make the office system less flexible.
(f) A company having a paid up share capital of Rs. 1 crore need not have a full time secretary.
(g) The prospectus must be issued for public within 30 days of the filling of a copy with the registrar.
(h) A share warrant can be issued by a private company.
(i) Share certificate must be issued within 2 months from the date of allotment.
(j) Sanction of the general meeting of shareholders is required for declaration of interim dividend.
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Q. 2. (a) What is an office ? Discuss the functions of office, (b) Bring out the qualities that make a good office manager.
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Q. 3. (a) What do you mean by layout of office ? State the principles of a good office layout
(b) Explain the advantages and disadvantages of a centralized filing services.
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Q. 4. (a) Explain the relationship between systems procedures (Routines) and Methods.
(b) What are the techniques (methods) of work measurement for office work ? Discuss them in brief.
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Q. 5. Write short notes on any three of the following :
(a) Office manual;
(b) Relationship between morale and productivity;
(c) Group insurance;
(d) Card indexing.
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Q. 6. (a) Define a company secretary. How is the secretary of a company appointed ?
(b) “A company secretary is an adviser, an executive and a liaison officer.” Discuss.
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Q. 7. (a) Explain the law relating to alteration of object clause of Memorandum of Association.
(b) What is Annual General Meeting ? What business is generally transacted of this meeting ?
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Q. 8. Distinguish between the following :
(a) Share certificate and Share warrant;
(b) Transfer and Transmission of shares.
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