Office Management And Secretarial Practice External Correspondence Previous Year Question Paper Year 2005 : IInd Year


Q. 1. State with reasons any ten in brief whether the following are correct or incorrect:
(1) Open office is more useful for big organisation.
(2) Vertical filing system is better for big organisation.
(3) Office systems and office routines are one and the same thing.
(4) Morale and productivity are directly related.
(5) Office forms do not serve any purpose.
(6) A person with MBA qualification commonly be appointed as office Manager.
(7) A private company having a paid up share capital of Rs. 50 lakh or more need not have a secretary.
(8) Every public company is required to prepare its own Articles of Association.
(9) E.G.M. must be held in the city where the Registered Office of the company is located.
(10) Name of the company can be altered only by passing special resolution.
(11) A private company can’t issue share warrant even if the shares are fully paid up.
(12) Shares can be forfeited only for non-payment of call money.
Answer :


Q. 2. What do you mean by office services ? Should these services be centralized or decentralized ?
Answer :

Q. 3. (a) Discuss the importance of proper lighting and ventilation from the point of view of efficiency of office work.
(b) “Communication is a very important function of any business.” Explain.
Answer :

Q. 4. (a) What is an Office Manual ? Is it really useful?4,4
(b) What is morale ? How can the morale of the staff be improved ? Explain.
Answer :

Q. 5. Write short notes on any of the following three :
(a) Group insurance;
(b) Office Report;
(c ) Work simplification;
(d) Office committee.
Answer :

Section ‘C’

Q. 6. (a) Who can be appointed as a Company Secretary ? How can a Company Secretary be dismissed ? 5, 8
(b) Draft the notice of the A.G.M. (Annual General Meeting) of a Public company.
Answer :

Q. 7. (a) Is the issue of prospectus compulsory for a public company ? Explain the rules regarding issue of prospectus. 5,7
(b) Explain the procedure for the alteration of the registered office of the company.
Answer :

Q. 8. (a) Explain the legal provisions regarding convening E.G.M. 10
(b) “A meeting without Quorum is invalid.” Explain.
Answer :

Q. 9. Write short notes on any three of the following :
(1) Transmission of shares;
(2) Issue of shares at premium;
(3) Preliminary contract;
(4) Protem Company Secretary.
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