Advanced Diploma in Modern Indian Lang.

Course Description

The languages taught in the Department in Adv. Diploma:

1. Assamese
2. Bengali
3. Gujarati
4. Kannada
5. Manipuri
6. Marathi
8. Oriya
9. Sindhi

Type of Degree (Diploma/Degree) : Diploma
Type of Course : Under Graduate
Duration of Course : One year part-time course
Venue For Teaching : No Data Found For Advanced Diploma in Modern Indian Lang.

Parent Department : Department of Modern Indian Languages and Literary Studies
Parent Faculty : Faculty of ARTS

No Data Available

Subject Syllabus

Paper-I: Translation (max. marks -100)
(i) Translation of passage from the language concerned into English (large passage of a higher difficulty level) (50 marks) (ii) Translation of a passage from English to the languages concerned (50 marks)
Paper-II: Grammar, Essay, Letter-Writing and Newspaper (max. marks -100) Grammar-More advanced (40 marks) Essay (25 marks) Letter Writing (10 marks) Newspaper-Presentation (about 10 column of standard size newspaper) (25 marks)
Paper-II: Text (max. marks -100)
Two text from two different categories such as Novel, Short Story, Poetry, Drama, Auto-biography, Travelogue etc. (50 marks each)
Paper-IV: Oral (max. marks -100)
Reading of an unseen text and question on it (60 marks) Reading of a story (40 marks)

Scheme of Grading:

No Data Available

Admission Eligibility

Diploma course in concerned language.

Other Info:

Students for Adv. Diploma Course are directly admitted in the Department.

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